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Ramat Gan, Israel

In December 1975 the council agreed to foster a link with Ramat Gan following an approach by the Deputy Mayor of Ramat Gan. The link was confirmed on 9 March 1976. The link between Barnet and Ramat Gan remains strong with regular contact between the “Friends”.

Ramat Gan is a suburb of Tel Aviv, was formed in 1921, when during the holiday of Hannuka, the first settlers came to Ramat gan and established a settlement with small farms, plenty of gardens and green fields. The name of the town comprises the Hebrew words for “height” and “garden” and reflects the intention to establish a form of garden city.

Although Ramat Gan has now grown into a city of 152 600 inhabitants in 2015, as recorded by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics. It is still known for its gardens. It is one of the biggest and most important cities in Israel and is the home of the Israel diamond exchange. Its industries include jewellery, electronics and computers and its population includes a high proportion of skilled technical and craft workers, as well as cargo construction and transportation services.

The object of the link is to further cultural, social and educational links between the two towns. The link is especially appropriate because of Barnet’s large resident Jewish population.

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