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Information Sharing Charter

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Barnet Council will sometimes share your information with third parties. You may have concerns that information exchange is taking place without your knowledge or that the exchange of information is threatening yourprivacy.

Ensuring the security and safety of your information, and that your privacy is not inappropriately infringed is paramount to the council. An Information Charter outlines the commitment from the council as to how we will share information and the standards we aim to meet whilst doing it.

Information Sharing Charter

Information sharing can help public organisations to be more efficient; ensuring service provision reaches the right person at the right time, and in the most effective way possible.

The information we share can also help to safeguard children at risk, prevent crime, and detect fraud.

Barnet Council is committed to ensuring that all public, voluntary and private sector organisations working alongside us demonstrate a commitment to share information responsibly, appropriately and securely.

Our commitment to information sharing:

  • Be proactive about sharing information.
  • We will take a balanced view and consider the risks of not sharing information as well as the risks of sharing information.
  • Information sharing is part of everyone’s job; staff will commit to helping other organisations and partners with information sharing work.
  • We will allocate adequate resources for information sharing projects.
  • We understand that good quality data is vital in making the right decisions and will work to high standards of data quality.
  • We will work to standardise information for interoperability between organisations and systems.
  • We will work towards publishing non-sensitive information and data sets, allowing our customers and businesses to use it for innovative means.
  • We will ensure appropriate Information Sharing Protocols / Agreements are in place with our partner organisations. These will be regularly reviewed to ensure we are working within the appropriate boundaries and are taking appropriate care of the information being shared.

Our commitment to you:

We promise to:

  • Only ask for information we need.
  • Let you know why we need it.
  • Make sure access is only given to those who need it.
  • Only keep it for as long as we need to.
  • Protect and keep safe the information you give us.
  • Value the personal information you give to us and make sure we respect that trust.
  • Not sell your information for marketing purposes (by law the edited electoral register must be available for sale).
  • Provide training to staff who handle personal information.
  • Respond appropriately if personal information is not used or protected properly.
  • Respect your information rights and abide by all relevant privacy laws.

In return, we ask you to:

  • Give us accurate information.
  • Tell us as soon as possible if there are any changes, such as a new address.

This helps us to keep your information reliable and up to date.


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