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Council by-laws

  • Council and democracy

The London Borough of Barnet, like other councils, has wide powers to make by-laws in relation to a range of areas under its control. Generally, by-laws seek to ensure the upholding of good order, government and public health.

By-laws created by the council must be sealed and then confirmed by a higher power as valid before they are enforceable.

Thereafter, by-laws are given the weight of law and generally enforceable by the council. Persons who contravene an enforceable by-law may be subject to a penalty or a fine.

The following documents are available to download in Adobe PDF format.

  • Market at Watling Avenue [1960]
  • Public Libraries and Museums [1967,1985]
  • Solid Fuel [1967]
  • Public Conveniences [1968]
  • Removal of House Refuse [1968]
  • Relating to Common Lodging Houses [1969]
  • Relating to Baths etc [1969]
  • Relating to Nuisances [1970]
  • Good Rule & Government and Prevention of Nuisance [1971]
  • Relating to Pleasure Grounds [1978 1979]
  • Regulation of Dogs [1992]
  • Amusements Premises [1992]
  • Dogs on leads: exercise areas, parks, open spaces [1993]
  • Rowley Green Common [1994]


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