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Expenditure over £500

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Expenditure over £500 is published as part of a drive to improve openness and transparency.

For reasons of privacy, payments to individuals including foster carers, children's and adult carers are not included in the list. Payments made via CHAPS, e.g. repayment of loans, funding to schools, housing benefit payments and payments taken directly from our bank account (excluding agency costs) are not included either.

The council will publish data monthly in arrears.

From April 2013, a new report to show "Expenditure over £500" will be prepared. The revised report will show amounts which were actually paid in the relevant month (as reflected in the SAP accounting system). 

Should you require any further information or clarification, please email us.

Adult & Communities Delivery Unit

Payments made by Adult & Communities Delivery Unit principally comprise of those made to private and voluntary sector organisations who provide a range of adult social care services to residents on behalf of the council. Payments are made to Council staff responsible, directly or indirectly, for the delivery of Adult Social Care, Community Safety, Leisure and Nationality and Registrar Services. The spreadsheet contains details of spend made to private and voluntary sector organisations only, with payments made to individuals excluded.

Children's services

Barnet Children's Service provides a wide range of services to children and young people including social care, support for schools, youth services and support for families etc. A number of services are commissioned from a range of providers including voluntary sector. It includes payments to private, voluntary and independent nurseries, fostering agencies and providers for children with special educational needs. It also includes capital spending which is made up of payments to building contractors, architects and other building professionals.

We have excluded certain payments such as support to individual foster carers and funding payments to maintained schools from this spreadsheet

Environment, Planning and Regeneration

Environment, Planning and Regeneration is a large frontline directorate providing a diverse range of services. Within the proposed Development and Regulatory Services (DRS), contract the services provided will include Planning, Highways, Environmental Health, Regeneration and Trading Standard and Licencing. The StreetScene Service will include Waste and Recycling, Street Cleaning and Park and Open Spaces, Parking Contract and Transport. The services also undertakes a lot of work towards regenerating the estates and town centres of Barnet through our regeneration projects and local development policies. Service delivery is a mixture of those delivered in-house and contracted out. The larger payments listed under 'expenditure by supplier' tend to be for recycling, vehicle lease and hire, highways maintenance (including street lighting) and highways capital spend as well as a monthly management fee to The Barnet Group who currently manage our Landlord service and additionally the service of Temporary Accommodation.

Further information can be found in the Department for Communities and Local Government website


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