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Fraud investigation

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Stop fraud in Barnet

We are committed to reducing and preventing fraud and corruption in Barnet.  We will take action to prevent, detect and investigate all types of fraud to ensure public funds are protected and used for those in genuine need.

It is our policy to commit to a programme of zero tolerance and appropriately investigate all allegations of fraud and associated criminal activity that are reported to us.  We will ensure all cases are appropriately sanctioned and this means that you could be prosecuted if you commit fraud and additionally we will always take steps to recover any losses incurred.

Report Fraud

Report all suspicions of fraud against the council and its partners to the Corporate Anti-Fraud Team.

To report a housing benefit fraud please call the Department for Work & Pensions' National Benefit Fraud Hotline on 0800 854 440 or report it online here.

The Barnet Fraud Reporter app is now available on Google Play and the App Store

What is fraud?

Fraud is commonly used to describe a wide variety of dishonest behaviour such as deception, bribery, corruption, forgery, false representation, collusion, abuse of position and concealment of material facts and money laundering. 

It is usually used to describe the act of depriving a person or organisation of something by deceit, which may involve the misuse of funds or other resources, or the supply of false information.

Fraud against the council

The council’s Corporate Anti-Fraud Team (CAFT) is a specialist investigative unit established to investigate allegations of fraud and irregularities, including:

  • Staff fraud e.g. providing false information on an application form, using a false identity to gain employment, abusing your position to act in a way that is dishonest with the intention to gain something for yourself or cause a loss to your employer, theft from the employer (this could be money, data, equipment) or colluding with other employees to commit fraud
  • housing and tenancy fraud e.g. false application for housing assistance, illegal subletting, non-residency,  false application right to buy
  • disabled parking / blue badge fraud / misuse e.g. parking on disabled bays when the blue badge holder is not present, counterfeit badges, false application for a badge  
  • procurement fraud e.g. bid rigging, bribery in contract award, conflicts of interest, contractors overcharging, false invoices, duplicate payments, substandard goods, over ordering
  • payroll and pension fraud e.g ghost employees, false claims for payments such as overtime /expenses, time theft, failing to declare relevant changes in circumstance, someone doesn’t tell us that a individual has died and knowingly keeps and uses pension credits/payments.
  • council tax fraud e.g. claiming reductions or discounts you’re not entitlement to, failure to declare other adults live at the property, claiming to be a student when you're not and claiming to be the sole occupant of a property that was actually empty in order to avoid paying an empty property premium
  • business rates fraud e.g. businesses falsely claiming empty property or charitable relief, not declaring that a property is being used for business purposes
  • Social care fraud e.g. being dishonest about financial status, keeping monies that have been claimed to pay for a carer, submit false evidence that a direct payment is being used on care, doesn’t inform us that a service user has died and keeps their personal budgets or abusing a position of care to take money from a vulnerable person
  • Insurance fraud e.g. being dishonest about an injury or damage in order to receive compensation, exaggerating damage or injury in a claim for compensation or dishonestly making multiple insurance claims against multiple councils
  • Money laundering e.g is where 'criminal property'  (what a person has gained from criminal conduct)  is made to look as though it has been obtained by legal means such as using criminal property to pay a bill from the council and asking for refund or using a stolen credit or debit card to pay for council services


  • Corporate Anti-Fraud Team
  • Address: North London Business Park,
    Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP
  • Tel: 020 8359 2007
  • FAX: 0870 889 6808
  • Email: CAFT@barnet.gov.uk

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