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Procurement is the process by which the council obtains and contracts for its supplies and services, whether they are purchased externally or internally from other Barnet service areas.

As a modern, efficient council, Barnet strives to do this in the most efficient, cost-effective way to deliver value- for-money services to residents.

The National Procurement Strategy has focused local government procurement towards e-procurement. This streamlines procurement processes directed at front line public services such as environmental issues, equalities issues and SME initiatives, helping to develop small and medium enterprises, and local economies.

Barnet is now looking to further develop its approach to procurement, building on our successes and meeting new challenges.

Procurement vision for Barnet
"To support the organisation by using procurement to deliver value for money, efficient corporate support and improved outcomes."

The London Borough of Barnet will deliver against its corporate priorities, maximising its resources across the organisation, delivering efficiency savings, and meeting the needs of its customers while providing value for money. Through continuous improvement of its procurement functions, Barnet can work towards national and international recognition as "a first class suburb" and a forward-thinking sustainable community.

As a modern and efficient council, Barnet is updating and improving its procurement practices. In particular, the Council is:

  • looking for efficiency savings
  • developing its procurement strategy
  • developing strong communications between the procurement teams
  • overseeing the implementation of new technologies
  • working in partnership.

To deliver this vision and for Barnet to be at the forefront of good practice, the council will need to:

  • be a good council to do business with 
  • support sustainable procurement
  • contribute to the local economy
  • ensure procurement practice supports the council's equalities policy
  • Support innovation and collaboration

In support of the procurement vision the council has registered Business Link as a supplier route to government that gives the business community easy access via the internet to contract opportunities including lower value contracts offered by the public sector. 

Procurement Objectives

  • to support the council in procurement at a strategic level
  • to develop consistently robust business practices
  • to be at the forefront of good pactice

Procurement Values
For the Corporate Procurement Team to deliver Barnet's vision for procurement, it will provide a service which facilitates more efficient and effective procurement across the authority. In delivering these benefits, the teams will uphold and adhere to a set of values:

  • Accountability
    the corporate procurement team will take responsibility for procurement in the Authority
  • Innovation
    the corporate procurement team will challenge current practices and identify new and innovative models for future procurement and service delivery
  • Integrity
    the corporate procurement team will be ethical and professional in providing support and advice to the Authority and in all their dealings with supplier
  • Quality
    the corporate procurement team will deliver a consistently high quality service. This will be monitored to encourage constant improvement
  • Customer Focus
    the corporate procurement team will develop close working relations with its customers in order to understand and be responsive to their needs
  • Support
    the corporate procurement team will help service areas achieve their goals by supporting their procurement activities.

Procurement's working relationship with the rest of the council

The corporate procurement team provides a corporate focus for Barnets procurement strategy, policy and procedures. Its procurement principles are:

  • to acknowledge the need for and importance of flexibility
  • to allow a corporate approach to be adopted for contracts which are common to more than one service
  • to facilitate cross-service and cross-functional working where appropriate, for specific tasks or projects
  • to have nominated points of contact in each of the service areas, who will act as the focus for procurement communications.

The corporate procurement team will provide strategic oversight of procurement and operational support. The role of the team is to help service areas procure more efficiently and effectively.

To facilitate communication between the corporate procurement team and service areas, each service area will have a nominated procurement officer/representative who will be responsible for liaising with the corporate procurement team.


  • Procurement Team
  • North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP
  • Tel: 020 8359 2000
  • Email: spt@barnet.gov.uk

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