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Type of application

Adopting a place 

Adopting a Place enables community groups to maintain a local feature, a green space - or a whole park – by providing them with support, materials, and tools. You could also receive training and get to know your local parks team.

The Council wants people to be creative about adoption activities. Examples include:

  • Maintaining a flower bed
  • Watering trees & shrubs
  • Litter picking 
  • Graffiti removal
  • Being the Council’s eyes and ears in the park
  • Planting & maintenance projects
  • Raising funds for new park features

Groups who could benefit from the Adopt a Place scheme include schools, local businesses, neighbourhood associations, sports clubs or groups, youth groups, ‘friends of parks’, or nature enthusiasts.

Adopting a street 

Adopting a street encourages local volunteers to improve and care for their area by carrying out extra work which will make their neighbourhoods look more attractive, including planting, gardening and litter sweeps.

When residents sign up to adopt their street they will receive training from council officers and be provided with appropriate equipment such as litter pickers, shovels and rubbish sacks. Prior to the winter months, ‘adopted’ streets can also receive a delivery of grit and equipment to remove snow and spread grit on their pavements.

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