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Street/School gritting application

To apply for grit for your street or school you will need:

  • Enough space on your property/school to store a one tonne bag of grit (approximately 1.5m cubed in size). If you do not have the appropriate storage space, we can put you in touch with the other volunteers that have signed up to your pledge for you to check if they can store the grit supplies. 
  • To share your contact details with other volunteers. If you agree to become a Community Grit Keeper or volunteer, we will automatically share your contact details that with other participants in your street or school. 
  • To use your grit supplies on public land only. If you are requesting to become a Community Grit Keeper, you need to ensure that you are pledging to grit public land, i.e. public roads or footways. If you live on a private road you are not eligible to sign up to this pledge but you can buy grit supplies from the council’s Highways Team by calling 020 8359 7200. 
  • Insurance - Any resident who pledges to spread grit on a public residential street will benefit from the council’s public liability insurance policy as if they are a volunteer. Schools should note that they must cover all volunteers under their own public liability insurance.
  • Please note that applications are valid for this winter only. If you want to apply to grit your school or street next winter, you will need to re-apply at the time.

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