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Welcome to The Way We Work

Our vision for the future of service delivery in Barnet is based around being able to work more closely with our partners in the heart of our communities, to serve our residents and support our Members and staff. All staff will be equipped to work in more agile and flexible ways through better use of technology, training and equipment. This work is happening under the umbrella of The Way We Work programme.

That means whether you work from your team area, hot desk, home or on the move you will have access to the systems and information you need. Those staff that need to use cars will be able to, but we will move overall to alternative, more sustainable forms of transport.

The work taking place under The Way We Work can be split into three workstreams - 1.) our new office at Colindale; 2.) the Locality Strategy; and 3.) the next phase of our Smarter Working project. Click on the links to the left to find out more about these three projects.

And don't forget to get in touch with us, with any ideas, suggestions or questions, by emailing thewaywework@barnet.gov.uk.

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