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Smarter Working Phase 2

The council set up the Smarter Working programme to help staff do their jobs more effectively and reduce the amount spent on accommodation while the organisation works to be more accessible to those who use its services.

The Smarter Working plan focused on improving three key things:

  • People – engaging and investing in our people
  • Accommodation – better use of workplaces
  • Technology – ICT designed for staff needs.

A key deliverable of the programme was to move from three sites to two, coming out of NLBP Building 4 to locate in NLBP Building 2 and Barnet House. This was completed during summer 2015.

During the process of these moves a number of key activities were undertaken to achieve the three areas achieved by the plan.

The second phase of the Smarter Working programme is now launching (July 2016) to build upon the work already undertaken by the first phase of the programme. The next phase of the programme will be governed under the umbrella of the Way We Work programme, alongside the Colindale project and Locality Strategy programme.  This next phase of the programme delivers further benefits by:

  • further increasing staff mobility
  • further reducing our office footprint through more remote working
  • providing improved technology, and the associated supporting culture, to enable this.  

In autumn 2018, staff and partners currently located in NLBP and Barnet House will be relocated into a brand new building in Colindale.  This next phase of the Smarter Working programme needs to deliver the people, accommodation and technology transformation in advance of the move to the new building.

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