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Barnet living wage supplement

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The council has implemented a minimum wage rate for all employees. This is known as the Barnet Living Wage and is set at £8.80 per hour worked. This is currently the same as the London Living Wage and will be paid between 1 October 2013 and 31 March 2015. The Council’s minimum wage rate will then be decided on an annual basis following this initial 18 month period. 
The payment made is entirely at the discretion of the council and is not part of your contractual terms and conditions of employment. 
If your hourly rate of pay is below £8.80 you will receive a variable allowance each month to make your pay up to £8.80 per hour. Your base pay will not change. The payment will show on your payslip as BLWS (Barnet Living Wage Supplement). For schools’ employees where the council does not provide payroll services the pay supplement may be called something different.
The first payment will be paid in December 2013 with two months back pay to 1 October 2013.  
It is important to note that the rate of £8.80 will not replace your base pay. This means that any overtime or weekend working enhancements etc will still be calculated using your contractual (normal) base pay rate as the normal enhanced rate will be above £8.80. For example an employee on SCP 6 (an hourly rate of £8.04) will receive a BLWS of 76 pence per hour for ‘normal’ hours worked but if they work overtime at time and half then they will receive £12.06 per hour (£8.04 x 1.5).
Broadly speaking all employees on SCP 10 and below will receive the payment but there are a few exceptions. Some employees receive additional payments for their work, which may make their total hourly rate higher than £8.80 and these employees will therefore no longer qualify for the BLWS payment.  
Assuming there is an annual cost of living increase in April next year the amount of the variable allowance will go down or may disappear altogether because your base pay will have increased. If base pay increases by 1% in April 2014 employees on SCP 10 will no longer receive the BLWS payment. Any increase in your base pay is subject to the usual national negotiations and you will be advised of any changes.
This pay policy applies to all directly employed employees of the council. If you work for a Community School it is for the School Governing Body to adopt the policy. At this stage we anticipate that all Community Schools will adopt the policy. If you work for a non-Community School the pay policy may not apply to you but we have recommended that all schools adopt this new pay policy.
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