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Our vision and values

Corporate plan

The council’s Corporate Plan for 2015-20 sets our vision and strategy for the next five years based on the core principles of fairness, responsibility and opportunity to make sure Barnet is a place:

  • of opportunity, where people can further their quality of life
  • where people are helped to help themselves, recognising that prevention is better than cure
  • where responsibility is shared, fairly
  • where services are delivered efficiently to get value for money for the taxpayer

Our values

Whilst change is inevitable, what should act as a constant over the coming years are our organisational values.

We embrace innovation and change

  • We continually ask what we can do better, or differently.
  • We encourage creativity and value ideas.
  • We will celebrate our success and learn from mistakes.

We value diversity

  • We value different perspectives, individuality and treat everyone with respect.
  • We will always strive to ensure the organisation embraces the richness of our community.

We work together

  • We actively listen, respond, collaborate and share ideas, to achieve the best outcomes with residents, businesses and colleagues.

We can be trusted

  • We are open, honest, act with integrity and are dependable.

We care

  • We care about Barnet, its people and businesses and those we work with.

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