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The London Borough of Barnet is served by 63 elected Councillors, often referred to as Members, representing 21 wards. The Conservative party is the majority party, and forms the administration of the Council. 38 Councillors are Conservative and 25 are Labour.

How decisions are made in Barnet

Barnet Council operates under a 'Committee System of Governance'. This means that decisions are taken by Committees which consist of Members from all political parties, in proportion to their strength on the council.

Members of the Committee will vote on issues to make decisions. The matters that are considered at Committee are of high importance and therefore must be dealt with at Councillor level.

The day to day administration of the Council is the responsibility of Council Officers within the overall direction set by elected Members.

Councillors are appointed to Committees annually at a meeting of the Full Council, where all 63 Councillors come together. The Full Council also sets each Committee’s Terms of Reference, which determines what they can do and the functions they are responsible for.

Barnet Committee Structure chart

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