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One Barnet transformation programme

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What is the One Barnet programme?

One Barnet is the overall name for the major change projects running across the council. It aims to make sure that the council can continue to provide high quality and efficient services over the next 10 to 15 years.

Barnet’s public sector is facing a period of financial and service delivery challenge. While funding is decreasing, demand for public services is rising. Large increases are forecast in the number of people who require often intensive support, such as young children and the very old. Residents also expect that the quality of service they receive from the public sector keeps pace with that available from commercial organisations.

The One Barnet programme is working to reduce costs, while retaining the quality of services, which in many cases means changing the way in which that service is delivered. The One Barnet programme seeks the best solution for the needs and requirements of the users of each service.

The council recognises that its services need to transform to reflect changes in residents’ needs and attitudes. At the heart of the One Barnet programme is the aim to become a truly citizen-centric council, to help residents lead successful and independent lives. The council tests everything it does against three key principles:

  • a new relationship with citizens 
  • a relentless drive for efficiency 
  • a ‘one public sector’ approach. 

How does it work?

There are several projects within the One Barnet programme which aim to continue delivering high quality services while reducing costs. The individual projects within the One Barnet programme are:

Financial benefits of the programme

The One Barnet programme is reducing the cost of our back office support, including Human Resources, Finance, IT, Customer Services and Commercial Services.

The programme is currently forecast to deliver £165m in total savings, which is significantly greater than the £102m originally forecast. Of these, nearly a third of the total projected baseline savings had been delivered by the end of 2011/12. This is the equivalent of £5.7m removed to date from the council’s annual budget.

How were decisions made?

The One Barnet Framework was approved by the Council in November 2010 - Cabinet approval for One Barnet – 29 November 2010. The programme is sponsored by the Chief Executive and supported by Council Directors’ Group. Cllr Robert Rams and Cllr Daniel Thomas politically lead the programme.


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