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Regional Enterprise Ltd (Re)

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After running a competitive procurement process, Barnet Council awarded Capita Symonds the contract to join the council in delivering development and regulatory services in the borough. The joint venture is named Regional Enterprise Ltd (Re). The contract with Capita Symonds was signed on 5 August 2013, and the service commenced in October 2013.

What is the DRS project?

The Development and Regulatory Services (DRS) project was part of the One Barnet programme, the joint venture now known as Regional Enterprise Ltd (Re).  

The council identified that there were significant benefits to be gained from working with a private sector partner to provide a range of services, relating particularly to the built environment and the environmental health of the borough.

The aim was to improve citizens’ experience, enhance the quality of services, and meet our efficiency targets. We wanted a partner who would help us develop, enhance and protect Barnet’s built environment, while minimising the cost of these services to residents. Working together, we wanted to support the financial and economic development of the borough.

The following services are provided by Re:

Built Environment

  • Building Control
  • Planning Administration (Development Management)
  • Strategic Planning and Regeneration
  • Transport
  • Highways Services
  • Land Charges

Environmental Health

  • Environmental Health   
  • Trading Standards and Licensing 
  • Cemetery and Crematorium

A copy of the Re contract has been published online.


The DRS project was expected to deliver a guaranteed financial benefit to the council of £26.5m over the contract term. This objective was significantly exceeded, the final benefits being:

• £39.1m of guaranteed financial benefits with the potential for a share in future profit gains 
• capacity to deliver growth in services both in and outside the Borough
• innovation in technology and new processes so that higher levels of customer satisfaction can be met

How were decisions made?


  • First Contact
  • North London Business Park (NLBP), Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP
  • Tel: 020 8359 2000
  • FAX: 0870 889 7458
  • Email: first.contact@barnet.gov.uk

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