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LG Inform Benchmarking

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How does Barnet Council compare to other councils?

The Local Government Association (LGA) have developed a toll which brings together publically available information into one place allowing easy comparison of council performance. This tool is called LG Inform.

LG Inform presents you with up-to-date published data about your local area and the performance of your council. 

LG Inform report on Barnet Council 

You can read the Headline report created by the Local Government Association below. This report is split across 6 broad funding areas using performance data published by central government. There is often a significant time delay between performance data being submitted to central government departments and the publication of this data, we have added notes on those areas where performance has changed since the data shown.

How to read the headline report

The charts provide an illustration of the most up-to-date performance of a selection of indicators. Please note the time period covered varies between indicators with the date of the return listed in the heading. The broad service areas used by the LGA do not reflect how services are delivered in Barnet.

For each chart the 4 coloured sections reflect the quartiles of performance where green is always the top performing 25% of local authorities and red the bottom 25% of local authorities. The purple mark represents Barnet's relative position compared to other London boroughs.

Commentary as at 12 November 2014

Note to reader: The provisional data used for total revenue expenditure excluded Barnet’s return due to a query, this has subsequently been resolved. Barnet will be included in the final release.

Education Services

What this chart is showing?

Barnet performs better than the London Average across all five of the performance indicators listed in the Headline Report, performing especially well at achievement of 5+ A*-C GCSEs or equivalent (academic year 2012/13) and the number of 16 to 18 year olds not in education, employment of training (2013).

Children's Services

What this chart is showing?

Barnet performs better than the London average against four performance indicators. Barnet performed below the London average for care leavers in education, employment or training in 2012/13. LG inform reports Barnet as 62% compared to London at 64.7%.

Adult Services

What this chart is showing?

Barnet performs better than the London Average across all three performance indicators outlined in the Headline report for Adult services. Barnet continues to perform better than the London average on two indicators in 2013/14; higher social-care related quality of life and higher satisfaction of care users.

Since the last update reported, Barnet now performs better than the London average on the number of days delayed for acute and non-acute patients. Further detail is below.

Number of days delayed within reporting period – acute and non-acute patients

This is the total number of days delayed for all patients who have had a delay in transferring out of hospital.

LG Inform reports this as 343 days in September 2014 compared to 382 in London. There were 131 social care delays and 205 (60%) were related to the NHS. Detailed information is available from: www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/statistical-work-areas/delayed-transfers-of-care/

A report to the Barnet Council Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (3 October 2013) highlights the work that was set out by the Clinical Commissioning Group to reduce this issue (please see 9.5 for detail).

Housing Services

What this chart is showing?

Barnet performs better than the London average across all three indicators (quick processing time for housing benefit/ council tax new claims, housing affordability ratio and a low number of households on the housing waiting list). In particular, Barnet performed well on the time taken to process housing benefit/council tax benefit new claims in quarter 4 of 2012/13, achieving an average of 12 days compared to the London average of 25 days.

Housing affordability ratio

LG Inform gives a ratio figure of 11.27 for 2013 compared to 11.5 for 2012 for our housing affordability ratio. 

In September 2014, Barnet's house prices were 15th highest in London compared to 13th in September 2013 (Land Registry).

Planning and Development 

What this chart is showing?

Barnet performs better than the London average on all four indicators in the headline report for Planning and Development. In particular, Barnet were in the top quartile for processing of 'minor' and 'other' planning applications compared to the London average in April 2014 to June 2014.

Environment and Regulatory

What this chart is showing?


Waste services

These services have been subject to considerable change recently, with the recycling services being brought back in house (council staff delivering the service) from mid-October 2013. This coincides with a new service which increases what households can place for collection to be recycled or composted. Even before this new service began the percentage of waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting has risen to 35.99% (April to June 2013) and indications are that the new service is collecting significantly more waste for reuse, recycling or composting than ever before.

You can find up-to-date performance information about how Barnet is performing against the priorities set out in the Corporate Plan. This is submitted to Budget and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Cabinet Resources Committee each quarter, where councillors ensure the Council’s priorities are progressing.


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