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Council Tax: relief for people with disabilities

  • Council tax and benefits

Disabled Band Reduction Scheme

If you or another occupant have a disability, you may be eligible for the reduction.

You’ll have to show that you’ve either:

  • A room which is not a bathroom, a kitchen or a lavatory which is mainly used by and is required for meeting the needs of a disabled person, it must be essential or of major importance to their wellbeing by reason of the nature and extent of his or her disability.
  • A bathroom or kitchen which is not the only bathroom or kitchen within your home, which is required for meeting the needs of a disabled person
  • Sufficient floor space to permit the use of a wheel-chair required for meeting the needs of a disabled person

The property must be the permanent home of at least one person with disabilities. This can be an adult or a child and it doesn’t have to be the person responsible for paying the Council Tax.

If the property is in bands B to H the reduction will be equivalent to the re-banding of the dwelling into the band immediately below. If the property is in band A the charge will be reduced by the equivalent of one ninth of a band D charge.

To complete your application you must download a copy of the application form and sign and return the completed application along with your supporting evidence to the address on the form.


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