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Information for landlords

  • Council tax and benefits

We recognise that landlords are important. Without landlords willing to let to tenants who receive Housing Benefit we cannot do our job.

Who can claim Housing Benefit

Most people who are liable to pay rent can claim Housing Benefit but there are a few exceptions. A tenancy agreement is a business arrangement. If there is not an enforceable contract between you and your tenant or there is a non commercial arrangement we cannot pay Housing Benefit.

People who cannot claim include certain persons from abroad, most students and anyone who is living with and renting from a close relative.

If the Housing Benefit does not meet the rent charged your tenant must pay the difference themselves.  If your tenant can not afford the shortfall they can ask for a Discretionary Housing Payment.

You are responsible for paying the Council Tax on houses in multiple occupation, empty properties or where the tenants are under 18. See our Council Tax pages for more information paying the council tax discounts and exemptions.

For more information please see

Renting out your property

We can help you find tenants or you can rent your property to Barnet Council or a Housing Association.

For more information please see our renting your property page in the Housing area of this site.

Other help for landlords

The Benefits service supports the Barnet Landlord forum where we work in partnership with landlords. The Forum meets twice a year.  


  • Benefits Service
  • London Borough Barnet
    P.O. Box 2015
    WR10 9BG
  • Tel: 020 8359 2000
  • Email: benefits@barnet.gov.uk

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