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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support: make a new claim

  • Council tax and benefits

From the 16 May 2018, you can only make a new claim for Housing Benefit if you are in one of the following groups.

  • you are resident in supported exempt accommodation, or you have been placed in temporary accommodation by Barnet Homes
  • you have reached State Pension Credit age
  • you are part of a couple where one of you has reached State Pension Credit age
  • you have three or more children and have been advised to claim Tax Credits after 16th May 2018

If you do not fall into one of the groups listed above, you will need to make a claim for universal credit if you need help with your housing costs.

If you can still claim Housing Benefit, use one of the benefit calculators to see if you are entitled to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction in Barnet.

Once you have checked your entitlement, you can make a claim with us by following these steps:

1. Check your property is in Barnet

We can only process claims for properties in the London Borough of Barnet

2. Documents and evidence

You’ll have to provide the following original documents for all adults living in your house.  Unfortunately, we can’t accept copies.

Proof of identity

One of the following for each member of your household:

  1. Birth certificate, marriage certificate
  2. Passport or National Identity Card
  3. Driving licence
  4. Residence permit or Immigration and Nationality Directorate Travel Document

Proof of your National Insurance number

One of the following for you and your partner:

  1. P45 or P60
  2. Letter from the Inland Revenue about tax
  3. Pay slips
  4. Letter from the DWP
  5. National Insurance card

Proof of income

All that apply:

  1. Payslips from the last five weeks if paid weekly, or last two months if paid monthly
  2. Trading accounts for the last financial year if you are self-employed. Or accounts for the period you have been trading if less than one year
  3. Student grant / Loan letter showing amount paid
  4. Award letters for any state benefit, pension or tax credits received
  5. Maintenance payments and proof of child benefit

Savings and capital

All that apply:

  1. Bank, building society or Post Office passbooks / statements for the last 2 months for all accounts held
  2. Share certificates or dividend statements for stocks or shares or bonds
  3. Property held in the UK or abroad
  4. Evidence of any other savings and capital must be declared and supporting evidence provided

Proof of rent

One of the following:

  1. Tenancy agreement signed by yourself and your landlord.
  2. Rent book

Proof of address

One of the following:

  1. Recent  (within one month of claiming) utility bill or bank statement showing your current address
  2. Letter from your landlord / agent confirming the exact date you moved in

Childcare costs

Proof of childcare paid, showing the name and address of the care provider, the hourly rate, when care is provided, and the carers Ofsted registration number

3. When to claim

You should make a claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction as soon as possible. Even if you don’t have all the evidence we need to support your claim, you should follow the process listed above so we can register your intention to claim. We will be unable to assess your claim, however, until we have the proof of your circumstances that is required. You should therefore send this in as soon as possible.

We usually award benefit from the Monday following the day we receive your claim. Sometimes we can pay benefit from an earlier date if you have a good reason for not claiming earlier - this is called backdating.

4. Fill in our on-line Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support application form

Online application form   * The form comes with notes to help you fill it in.

You will need to send in proof of your circumstances, please see step 2 for what proof is required.

You can supply evidence to the Benefits Service in person or by post. You can call at either Barnet House or Burnt Oak Library weekdays between 9am and 4.30pm without an appointment.

If you bring your documents to Barnet House or Burnt Oak Library, we will take copies of them and hand the originals back to you.

If you send them by post, we will return them to you via the Royal Mail. Documents will be sent second class unless you provide a pre-paid envelope in which case your documents will be returned as you have requested. Items such as birth certificates, driving licences or passports will be returned via Recorded Delivery.

Send your documents to the address below.


  • Benefits Services
  • London Borough Barnet
    P.O. Box 2015
    WR10 9BG
  • Tel: 020 8359 2000
  • Email: benefits@barnet.gov.uk

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