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Norwood - Northwest London, Family Support Service Team


Norwood - Northwest London, Family Support Service Team


The Children & Family Centre has a Family Support Team (previously know as Social Work Team) and their aim is to provide practical and emotional support for children and their families. We provide support for transition from childrens' to adults services. Our Teams include qualified and skilled Social Workers, Family Support Workers, Counsellors, Transition Social Worker and Adult Social Workers.

Work may focus on the uniqueness of bringing a new baby into the world, through to the 'terrible' twos and upwards to the complexities of living with teenagers. Cases of bullying, low self-esteem, family crisis, including family break down, and personal loss or peer group pressure feature high in the work undertaken.
Members of our Children Family Support Teams will assist all family members through issues such as abuse, bereavement, parenting concerns, divorce and separation and can provide direct work with children and parents.
In all cases, those seeking support have direct access to our Children Family Support Teams who strive to provide confidential advice, care and support as responsive as possible which can include signposting and home visits.
Where we cannot help a person directly, staff from our teams will act as advocates, ensuring the user receives the right services from whoever can help. A duty social worker is available every day for free telephone advice, information and to take new referrals.


The Kennedy Leigh Children & Family Centre and Pears Wing for Children
Edgeworth Close




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Duty Social Work Team

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020 8457 4757


Monday to Thursday, 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 1pm


Some charges apply to certain services.

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