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Barnet Partnership for School Sport


Barnet Partnership for School Sport


Welcome to the New Barnet Partnership for School Sport (BPSS). A brand new association that has been created to build upon the success of the previous School Sport Partnerships.The BPSS is a “not for profit” organisation that has been established as a mechanism to retain the outcomes achieved by the School Sport Partnerships, including theorganisation of events, competitions, festivals and leadership opportunities with a generic outcome of increasing participation at all levels.The BPSS is a subscription based membership organisation, lead by the Strategic Manager to: "enable all children and young people in Barnet schools to become confident, physically competent and emotionally resilient learners who can independently and successfullymake sustainable healthy lifestyle choices and pursue personalised sporting and physically active pathways (including those for the gifted and talented) through the opportunities offered in their local and wider community."

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