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Review and assessment of air quality

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Local authorities have a statutory duty to assess the air quality in their areas against air quality objectives set by the government.  This process is known as local air quality management.  Where an objective is not being achieved then an air quality management area must be designated.  The local authority must then carry out an assessment of that area and develop an air quality action plan to improve air quality. 

In April 2001, the whole borough was designated an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA).  This was due to the predicted exceedance of the annual mean objective for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and the 24-hour mean objective for particulates (PM10).  Traffic along the main roads in the borough formed the primary source of the pollutants. 

In July 2010 the original AQMA Order was amended to include the one hour mean objective for nitrogen dioxide for the whole borough.  This was due to exceedances of this objective at Golders Green bus station and high street locations across the borough where the public may spend an hour or more.

The scientific services team continues to review air quality in the borough and all related reports can be found on this page.  The work undertaken as part of the air quality action plan can be found on the air quality action plan page.

Please contact us for further advice and information about our air quality work.


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