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Emergency grab bag

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If you had to leave your home in a hurry, due to an emergency like a flood or fire, then a grab bag could be useful. 

Listed below are items which you may wish to include in your emergency grab bag. The list isn't exhaustive but consider the size and weight of your bag if you have to evacuate your home. The bag should be easily accessible and its location is known by all of the occupants.

  • change of clothes
  • torch with spare batteries
  • mobile phone with charger (ensure you have a copy of emergency contacts, family and friends)
  • cereal/chocolate bars
  • water
  • medication (copies of prescriptions as well)
  • spare set of house keys
  • money/spare credit card
  • toiletry bag (these should be of the travel size).

You may also wish to set up an emergency pack for your vehicle should you get stranded in adverse weather conditions.

  • change of clothes
  • torch with spare batteries
  • mobile phone car charger
  • bottle of water
  • cereal/chocolate bars
  • warm blanket
  • shovel
  • first aid kit. 


  • Emergency Planning
  • North London Business Park (NLBP) Oakleigh Road South
    London N11 1NP
  • Tel: 020 8359 7544
  • FAX: 020 8359 3685
  • Email: emergency.planning@barnet.gov.uk

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