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Light problems

Light problems eg security lights, lit advertisements can be investigated if they are affecting the use of your home, such as preventing you from sleeping.

Simple tips to reduce the impact of artificial light

There are simple solutions to reduce the impact of artificial lights on neighbours, including:

  • Re-angling or tilting the light downwards
  • Fitting a sensor so that the light is not on all the time
  • Adjusting the sensor so that the light is only on for a short time
  • Using a lower power bulb

Light problems we can investigate

We can deal with light from the following:

  • security lights (domestic and commercial)
  • sports facilities (like floodlit football pitches)
  • decorative lighting of buildings or landscapes

What we can't investigate

Statutory nuisance laws don’t apply to artificial light from:

  • airports
  • harbours
  • railway premises
  • tramway premises
  • bus stations
  • public transport operating centres
  • goods vehicle operating centres
  • lighthouses
  • prisons
  • defence premises like army bases
  • premises occupied by visiting armed forces
  • street lights

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