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Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

Parking for potential new developments

Received: 06 March 2017

The request is prompted by a concern that there is a continual approval by the council planning committee permitting developers to build high rise flats (4+ storey) and homes and community or other projects with an inadequate provision for on-site parking at new residential and other developments, which have a huge impact and will continue to have a detrimental in the borough of Barnet. This is having an impact on residents who have lost amenity because it is impossible at times to park within 100m of their own home, because of the excessive overflow of parking being permitted on such local neighbouring roads to the detriment of free movement of traffic, highway safety and the general appearance of, and to the amenity of residents in, the areas concerned. 1. What is the policy and or guidance used by the planning department (including Capita/Re) to ensure that this ongoing issue is dealt with by policy, Local Development and a proper residential and visitor (for community / public projects) car parking standards document. 2. How does the planning department / committee base its decisions to permit both residential and community project developments without the provision of adequate parking for owners (and in the case of public / community projects, visitors spaces) and restricting parking permits or the development, as it does not appear to be following the Development Management Policy or provisions of the Mayor's parking standards? 3. When will the planning department (including Capita/Re) publish information (Local Plan, policy or otherwise) on the maximum standards for residential and other developments which are currently inadequate for all types and sizes of residential unit and larger community projects without recourse to overflow parking on local streets? 4. Why are there are no minimum standards of car parking provision contained in the Development Management Policies document given that the issue of parking has been at the forefront of issues relating to planning for over 6 years.

Outcome / Documents

Response (all information to be supplied) application/pdf

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