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Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

Planning permission and construction at No 5 Bosworth Road, New Barnet, EN5 5LZ

Received: 24 October 2017

This FOI request regards the attic conversion/extension currently being built at No 5 Bosworth Road, EN5 5LZ. As you are no doubt aware, the actual building construction bears little resemblance to the original plans that were originally agreed by your department. At your earliest convenience, can you please: 1. Inform us of the current state of this building work, as work seems to have temporarily stopped. 2. Let us know the reason/s why you and/or your department have permitted this building work to progress to such an advanced stage despite it not being in keeping with the original plans. 3. Inform me of any efforts your department have made to ensure that, as building work progressed, it did so in accordance with the original plans agreed by your department. 4. Send us the schedule of site inspections that have been carried out by your department, including any inspectors' comments regarding their opinion of any correlation between the original plans and the actual works. It would also be interesting to know the name/s of the inspector/s too, however I understand that this information might be deemed confidential. If you cannot publish the names of the officers, then please confirm how many different officers have performed the site inspections. 5. What you intend to do to ensure that the build finally resembles the original plans. We understand that, under the terms of FOI requests, we can expect a complete response to our request from you within 20 working days.

Outcome / Documents

Response (some exempt) application/pdf

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