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Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

Planning Enforcement Notices

Received: 28 December 2017

Planning Enforcement Notices Please provide the following information for: 1. Average timeframe from serving of Barnet enforcement notices to implementation of enforcement notices for unauthorised building works on residential properties. 2. The percentage of successful implementation of enforcement notices in Barnet for unauthorised building works on residential properties. 3. Taking a case for example, 15 Woodlands NW11 9QJ, Ref: ENF/00364/14/F, the website states "pending consideration". Please provide full property case history for this enforcement notice and list of all Barnet planning personnel and Barnet personnel who have been involved in this case plus list of names/meetings with any external agents or representatives in relation to this enforcement notice.

Outcome / Documents

Response (some exempt) application/pdf

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