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Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

Planning Policy Practice

Received: 22 February 2018

Dear Barnet Borough Council, After having read your planning policies extensively , I have been unable to get the information I seek. 1. Is it possible that a mixed Commercial and Residential Planning Application which has been refused by Barnet for specified stated Planning Law/ Policy and/or Guidelines reasons, may then go on to be subsequently fully approved for a different Applicant on the same property when between the 2 applications no Barnet Planning Policy, Guideline or Local or Government Planning Law concerning either Application has changed, nor have any of the Plans submitted been changed? 2. If the answer to the above is yes please describe briefly under what circumstances Barnet Planning may act in such a manner? 3. Some of your Planning Approval Decision Notices state the effect of, " Permission is granted subject to the submitted Plans being followed", while the overall majority of Approval Decision notices omit this wording and would therefore appear to not be subject to the above. What is the reasoning behind such Planning Policy? 4. Under the specific example given above in Question 1 above, in such a proposed scenario where a refused Planning Application that has been subsequently Approved by Barnet, would one expect to see specified and given reasons as to why any initial/previous reasons for their refusal no longer apply in the granting of an approval for the second applicant. 5. Please provide for me with the specific details/Policies as to for how long all and any Planning Application correspondence is kept on record for ? If the length of time differs according to differing types of correspondence please specifically outline what length of time applies for Data retention and keeping for each differing type of Planning Application correspondence. THE ABOVE QUESTIONS ARE MADE UNDER BOTH THE ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION REGULATIONS 2004 and THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT.

Outcome / Documents

Response (all information to be supplied) application/pdf

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