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Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

Bigwood R/o 15 North Square, ENF/0259/18

Received: 08 May 2018

Bigwood R/o 15 North Square, ENF/0259/18 Please forward the details of your survey and measurements and documentary conclusion to deciding this is not an encroachment as we have provided and shown Barnet substantial proof that it is. I request this information under the freedom of information act as I do not believe that Barnet can conclude this is not a breach if they did due diligence and checked the measurements of the title deeds of the land in question and the many plans of Bigwoods boundaries. Also they were provided photos of the tree in Bigwood! Please confirm that the title deeds, maps, plans and measurements were all seen and please forward copies under the act of same.

Outcome / Documents

4440596 Attachment application/pdf
Response (some exempt) application/pdf

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