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Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

Commercial events that have taken place in the Barnet Council Brent Cross Property

Received: 20 August 2018

The site at Brent Cross on the north west side of the North Circular Road with (land registry) property title number MX109010 for which Barnet Council is the registered proprietor, together with all adjacent, contiguous sites and nearby sites, of which Barnet Council is legal and/or beneficial owner (hereafter referred to as "Barnet Council Brent Cross Property") has been used in recent years by Themed Events and Attractions Ltd for the event known as "The Beach Brent Cross". The Barnet Council Brent Cross Property is in close proximity to the A406 North Circular dual carriageway and experiences high levels of traffic pollution, including particulates which are carcinogenic and a source of respiratory diseases. The endorsement, encouragement and/or facilitation by Barnet Council of outdoor leisure activities in close proximity to such a prominent source of air pollution is of great public interest, particularly due to the amount of public funds which have to be spent by the NHS to deal with the consequences of disease cause in whole or in part by air pollution, and also due to the impact that air pollution has on the development of healthy lungs and lung capacity in children and the health and quality of life of local residents. In the interests of transparency, public health and the proper use of public resources, please provide a list of all the commercial events that have taken place in the Barnet Council Brent Cross Property (a) over the last 12 months (or the most recent 12 month accounting period for which a data set if available) and (b) for each of the preceding 3 such 12 month periods) identifying for each the nature of the event, the company involved, including all beach events (including the Beach Brent Cross), fun-fairs, shows, festivals, markets, or other such events, etc, and for each such event state the income received by Barnet Council (or any related, associated or partnering entity for which such information falls under the possession or control of Barnet Council) in respect of the event.

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