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Council housing and housing allocation

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Apply for council housing

There's very few council and housing association properties available in Barnet and demand for housing far exceeds our supply. Housing allocations are managed by Barnet Homes.

This means that:

  • we can only help people with the most urgent housing need, so most people will not qualify
  • our first priority will be to help you stay in your current home
  • if we're able to help you find housing, we'll offer you one suitable offer of accommodation only. If you don't accept this, it's likely that we'll not be able to help you further
  • You may be offered a home in the private rented sector
  • For most people the quickest and most effective way to solve your housing problem will be for you to find your own accommodation in the private rented sector. The private rented sector in Barnet is very expensive and if you're on a low income you may need to look for accommodation in areas which are more affordable for you.

Housing allocations

Barnet Homes manages housing allocations on the Council's behalf. 

If you believe that we can help you with your housing problem, you must contact us as soon as possible on 0208 359 4797.

Council tenancies

If you're allocated a council tenancy managed by Barnet Homes then you may be given a flexible tenancy or a secure tenancy.

Both secure and flexible tenants have many of the same rights, including:

  • the right to exchange
  • the right to consultation
  • the right to repair
  • the right to buy

The main difference is that flexible tenants have their circumstances reviewed 8 months before the end of their tenancy to see if they still need the council's help. For example, flexible tenants may now have enough money to secure a home in the private rented sector, or they may still need to be housed by the council but in smaller accommodation because they are under-occupying their current home.

If we decide that you no longer need a council tenancy, you will be given 6 months notice and we will support you to find alternative housing. If the tenant refuses to move then the normal eviction procedure will take effect.

Read the full tenancy strategy (PDF).


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