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Private sector housing prosecutions

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Barnet Council recently consulted on an Additional Licensing Scheme. This was approved by the Housing Committee on 1 February and the designation signed on 4 April 2016. This scheme will come into force on 5 July 2016. You can view the Public Notice.

For more information, go to the Additional Licensing Scheme consultation.

Most people want to comply with the law and therefore we take care to help businesses, landlords and others to meet their legal obligations. Failure to do so generally stems from ignorance or carelessness but sometimes from wilfulness or malice. Firm action will be taken where appropriate against those who break the law or act irresponsibly.

Recent prosecutions

Date of Prosecution
Fines and court costs
Barnet Council v Four Seasons Property Ltd
25 November 2015
£25,000 in fines, £2,466 in costs and a £120 victim surcharge.
Barnet Council v Knights Island Capital Ltd trading under the name of Endeavour Living
26 May 2015
More than £10,000 in fines.
Barnet Council v Manzoor Hussein
22 March 2016
£3,500 in fines, £2,446.69 in costs and £120 victim surcharge.
Barnet Council v Elvin Asgaraov
12 April 2016
Fined £2,000, ordered to pay costs of £2,000 and pay a victim surcharge of £120
His company, Avea Ltd, which was also linked to managing the property, was fined £1,000.
Barnet Council v Khalida Khan
26 April 2016
£6,600 in fines and was ordered to pay the council’s costs of £4,384 and pay a victim surcharge of £120.
Barnet Council v Mr Raza (TISHK Ltd and Hanasa Ltd.)
3 May 2016
Fined a total of £120,000, with costs of £21,660 and surcharges of £360.
Barnet Council v Yossi Meshulam
3 May 2016
£3,500 in fines, £2,446.69 in costs and an £120 victim surcharge.
Barnet Council v Habib Khan
7 June 2016
£25,000 in fines, costs of £2,069.13 and a victim surcharge of £120
Barnet Council v Uptown Properties (UK) Ltd and YLR Ltd from Stratford 29 November 2016 £6,490 in fines, with £2,854 costs and £220 victim surcharge.
Sharon Jacobs 28 February 2017 £15,000 in fines, with costs of £3456.52 and a victim surcharge of £170.

Enforcement policy

The Private Sector Housing Team in Environmental Health are responsible for implementing and regulating a wide range of legislation. Where someone is not complying with the legislation we have a duty to take enforcement action.

The aim of enforcement is to protect the public, the environment and groups such as tenants or workers and help to promote a thriving local economy

There are usually rights of appeal against formal action and advice on how to appeal will be clearly set out in writing at the time the action is taken. The Council aim to carry out enforcement work in a fair, practical and consistent manner in accordance with our enforcement policy. We are committed to these aims and to maintaining a safe and fair environment.

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