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Condensation and damp

Condensation can be an indication of a housing defect or the way in which tenants are living is causing too much moisture vapour and not airing the property enough. Condensation if left, can turn into damp and mould which is not good for health.

Condensation and damp can be caused by poor housing. In this case it is the landlords responsibility tocarry out necessary repairs. If these are not completed enforcement action may be taken by the local authority.

Condensation can also be caused by behavioural habits from the tenants.

Print out our condensation and damp guide for tenants webpage, or our downloadable condensation and damp factsheet to give to tenants for useful advice.

Provide adequate prerequisites to enable the tenants to not create condensation damp and mould in a foreseeable way. For example, provide extractor fans in bathrooms with a shower/bath, or provide them with a tumble dryer which has appropriate ventilation to outside.

Tenants struggling to afford heating bills can be forwarded to the Keep Warm and Well advice to help them save money on their energy bills & BLES.



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