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Empty properties

Report an empty property in Barnet
To report an empty property please call 020 8359 4359 or email empty.properties@barnet.gov.uk.


Empty Property Grants of up to £25,500 are currently available to help owners bring long term empty properties back into residential use through either renovation or conversion. A grant is also available to assist with the development of new properties.

The Council is keen to ensure that empty properties are occupied as soon as possible. Refurbishing and repairing empty properties help to improve the look and feel of a neighborhood and helps avoid incidents of fly tipping, vandalism and arson.  It also helps to reduce the housing shortage in the borough.

Empty Property Grants are available to landlords and key workers purchasing empty properties to help bring them back into residential use. Grants are also available for owners of empty properties who are in care and unable to return due to poor condition of their home.

The availability of grants is subject to funding being available.

Benefits of an Empty Property Grant:

  • Funding of up to £25,500 is available for landlords (depending upon the size and condition of the property)
  • The Let2Barnet Team will manage the property for you and you will receive guaranteed monthly rental income even if it is temporarily empty or the tenant fails to pay their rent
  • An Empty Property Agency Service is available to help you complete work to your property
  • The Council can provide details of trusted and competent builders
  • VAT reductions on building work may be available
  • Funding of up to £20,000 is available to owner occupiers returning from care and to Key Workers

For more information please call 020 8359 4359 or email empty.properties@barnet.gov.uk

How can I report an empty property?

You can report an empty property in Barnet:

Empty Property Grants for Landlords

If you are an Owner Occupier looking for an Empty Properties Grant to bring your home back into use for yourself and your family to live in, please click here


A grant of up to £25,500 (depending upon the size and condition of the property) is available for empty property owners wishing to rent out their property.  For more information please call 020 8359 4359 or email empty.properties@barnet.gov.uk

If your property has been empty for more than 6 months, we may be able to offer you a grant to make the property suitable for letting, subject to conditions.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant may be used to:

  • carry out repairs to bring the property up to the ‘decent homes’ standard and/or
  • convert the property into self-contained flats (depending on planning/building control consents and an increase in the number of units of affordable housing) and/or
  • demolish and rebuild the property (providing there is an increase in the units of affordable housing) or
  • convert a commercial unit into residential accommodation (depending on planning and building control consents).

What type of work may be covered by the grant?

Detailed below are examples of the type of work that may be covered:

  • repairing or renewing windows, doors, roofs or other major elements of the property
  • damp proofing the property
  • resolving structural instability
  • provision of heating/ hot water
  • updating bathrooms and kitchens
  • electrical rewiring

Why should I be interested in having a tenant in my property?

You will receive guaranteed monthly rental income from the property for a minimum of five years

  • The Let2Barnet team will manage the property for you thereby giving you peace of mind that the property is being looked after
  • You will achieve a significant reduction in the likelihood of vandalism, squatting or burglary in the property
  • You will get an increase in property value

How to claim the reduced rate of VAT

Where a property has been empty for 2 years we can provide you with evidence to claim the reduced rate (5%) of VAT on any building work you undertake.

How can we help you to renovate your property?

The Council runs an Empty Property Agency Service to assist property owners in renovating their properties. For a fee, which can be included in the grant, we can help you to organise conversions and repair works to your home without the headache of arranging plans, obtaining quotes and overseeing building works yourself.

I'm struggling to find a suitable builder

The Council can provide you details of builders who we have used in the past and are happy with their standard of work.

London Landlord Accreditation Scheme

The London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) provides landlords with the necessary knowledge and skills to run a successful business. It also helps tenants to identify private landlords and agents who are committed to providing good quality accommodation.

To find out more and to discover the benefits of being an accredited landlord please click here.

How do I find out who owns an empty property?

The details of property ownership are generally available through the Land Registry Service.

Even in cases where the details are known to us we are legally unable to provide these to you. However, if you are interested in making an offer on a property we may be able to pass on your details to the owner.

What if I am not happy with the service?

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by the Private Sector Housing Team and would like to make a complaint you should contact the Private Sector Housing Manager, Belinda Livesey, on 0208 359 7438 or email belinda.livesey@barnet.gov.uk.

For more information please contact The Empty Property Team on 020 8359 4359 or email empty.properties@barnet.gov.uk

Want to purchase an empty property?

If you are interested in purchasing empty properties in Barnet, you can apply to have your details added to our database for people and investors who are interested in buying empty properties in Barnet, including areas and property types you are interested in.

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