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Rats and mice

The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 requires land owner/occupier to keep their land free from rats and mice.

The Environmental Health Service is able to take enforcement action against a person failing to comply with the legislation.

Rats and mice inside and outside premises

We do not investigate complaints of mice outside, but we are able to investigate complaints regarding rats outside or rats and mice inside premises.

If you want to report rats seen outside, or mice or rats seen in someone else's property, contact the Environmental Health Service on telephone 020 8359 7995 or email nuisance@Barnet.gov.uk

Please include your address and telephone number as well as details of the premises where the rats or have been seen.


The Public Health Act empowers the Environmental Health Service to deal with insects that are considered to be prejudicial to health such as cockroaches and bed bugs. If you are an owner of a property you will need to make arrangements to have an insect infestation treated before it spreads and effects neighbouring premises.

Pest problems in your own home

The London Borough of Barnet Provide a chargeable Pest Control Service. With discounts available to some residents. See a list of the type of treatments carried out and costs from the Re Pest Control Service

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