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Town Teams

We want to work with communities and businesses to improve Barnet’s high streets and town centres.

Town centres in Barnet are more than just shopping destinations - they're the heart of the community, contributing to the overall vibrancy and wellbeing of the surrounding area.

High streets are home to many of Barnet’s small and medium sized businesses and we want to make sure that they continue to be places where these businesses can thrive and grow, and local residents enjoy visiting.

Barnet has 30 town centres which come in all shapes and sizes and play different roles for their communities. To reflect this we have categorised our town centres into

  • 7 'main' town centres of Chipping Barnet, North Finchley, Edgware, Finchley Church End, Golders Green, Cricklewood and Burnt Oak.
  • 8 'district' centres
  • 15 'local' centres

We want to support communities and businesses in all town centres, although we will work with different town centres in different ways.

For instance, we'll encourage smaller local and district centres to take more responsibility for driving local improvements themselves, while main centres would expect to see a greater level of support, reflecting the larger number of jobs and businesses they accommodate.

Find out how local groups can work with us to improve their area in the following pages on:

Setting up a Town Team

Funding your Town Team

Markets and events

Pop-up space for your business

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