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Barnet Together

Celebrating the difference you make

There are thousands of Barnet people who are making a difference their local community. It’s this community spirit that helps make Barnet a great place to live and work, and we want to say thank you!

We know that our combined efforts to work together make a big difference and that's why we want to shine a spotlight on our residents who do their bit and celebrate the contributions you make.

Can you get stuck in and organise a litter pick? Or maybe you have a little time to do your bit and recycle your food waste? If you have more spare time, perhaps you can lead the way and take on more and be a school governor? Whether it’s a little or a large part that you play, it all makes a big difference.

To help provide some inspiration about how you can get involved, or get even more involved than you already do, we have created a fun, online quiz that will offer you a range of activities in and across Barnet tailored to you.

Why not draw inspiration from one of these great examples of Barnet residents who are already getting involved.


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