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Delivering local services - together with our partners

As your council, our job is to ensure that we deliver local services that meet the needs of the people who live and work in Barnet. We are committed to finding the right provider to deliver best value local services that do what you need them to. That could be the council, but equally a private company, charity or social enterprise, or volunteers from the local community. Our focus is the quality of the service, rather than who provides it. Our commitment to residents is that, no matter who the provider is, as your council accountability will remain with us, and we will always strive to get the best quality and value for you as taxpayers.

We think it’s right that you should be able to judge that for yourself, which is why we’re publishing many of our contracts with service providers online along with the information that tells you how well they’re performing. Open Barnet is the council’s data portal which makes all of our published datasets and other information of interest publically available. We believe that being open and transparent about how we work with our service providers and hold them to account is part of having a trust based relationship with our residents. You can read more about our commitment to the Transparency and Open Data agenda.

Local services are about more than just clean streets and empty bins. People to people services are one of the most important things we provide for our residents. By pooling resources and expertise with the right partners, local services will be delivered more effectively and efficiently. We also want you to be able to access those local services as easily and simply as possible. By signing up to My Account, you can now manage your Barnet services online, and all in one place - from parking permits to Council Tax payments, from bin collections to housing benefit.

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