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Love where you live

Why not take a look at the opportunities you can get involved in below and if you haven't already, take our fun quiz to find out what opportunities would suit you best.

Community litter pick

Bring your community together and help take care of the environment by organising a community litter pick for a park, garden or nature area near you. If that sounds like something that you’d be interested in, email parks@barnet.gov.uk to register for a litter pick help pack today.

Take ownership of a park

You can adopt a local park, flowerbed, or other local resource. The council will provide the support, materials and tools to do this, and in turn you can improve your local area, get to know your community and get fit and active in our local green spaces.

Set up your own community or voluntary group

If you want to go one step further, and set up your own group to do something that’s important to you and others in your local area, Community Barnet can give you support and advice about how to do that.

Alternatively, if you’ve already got your own group, and you want to promote it locally, to tackle a local issue of concern such as cleaning up graffiti, you can sign up to meet up.

Sign-up to Volunteering Barnet

Sign-up to Volunteering Barnet, the borough’s approved volunteering centre, to look for volunteering opportunities advertised in Barnet, and across London. You can tailor your search to find opportunities that you suit your interests, availability and are local to you. It might help you learn a new skill, develop your CV, meet new people or just allow you to make a difference in your local area.

Review the Barnet Community Directory

If you can’t find something for you at Volunteering Barnet, have a look at the new Barnet Community Directory to find an organisation you would like to help out with. You can use the search to find groups in your local area, and find out how you can get in touch with them.

Support others to volunteer

Volunteering can be an empowering opportunity for adults with a disability, or long-term physical or health condition, to capitalise on their skills, interests and goals for the future. Supporting others to volunteer is a great way to help someone else, while also improving your own skills.

Join a local neighbourhood watch

By taking part in your local neighbourhood watch, you can help to bring people together, while looking out for your family, your neighbours and your area. Either have a look at the Barnet Borough Watch website, or Barnet Homes if you’re one of their residents.

Get involved with your local Altogether Better

Barnet has a number of local Altogether Better schemes – community networks that join up lots of different volunteering and community activities across different areas. Have a look to see if there’s a project near you that you might like to help with, or even suggest a new idea for a project yourself!

Use My Account to report a problem

Use the council’s My Account service to access services, such as reporting problems and tracking progress dealing with them, finding out about bin collection dates, paying parking permits, registering and paying for council tax, applying for library e-membership, managing your housing benefit, and finding services and events close to home. This makes access much easier for you, as well as reducing pressure on council customer services.


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