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Do your bit

Why not take a look at the opportunities you can get involved in below and if you haven't already, take our fun quiz to find out what opportunities would suit you best.

Sign-up to Next Door

Why not sign-up to Next Door. It’s a private neighbourhood-based online community where you can keep up with everything going on locally; build an online social network with your neighbours in a secure, private environment.

Sign-up for My Account/access information about the council online

Sign-up to the council’s My Account service to access information about services, such as reporting finding out about bin collection dates, parking permits, council tax, libraries, housing benefit, and finding services and events close to home. This makes access much easier for you, as well as reducing pressure on council customer services.

Recycle more

More than £3.8 million is spent sweeping, emptying litter bins, clearing fly tipping in Barnet each year. But it’s not just that rubbish is expensive, it’s bad for Barnet’s environment and makes the borough a worse place to live. Find out how we can help you recycle more, as well as other waste related ideas:

Waste less food

Every month the average family in the UK throws away £60 worth of food and drink and it’s costing the UK £12.5 billion a year. Use these helpful tips to find out how you can waste less food, to save yourself money, while reducing environmental impacts and the amount that bin men have to collect each day.

Tell the council what you think!

Getting your voice heard means that the council makes better decisions. Sign-up to Engage Barnet, and have a look at the Consultation Hub to help you find and participate in consultations that interest you.

Alternatively, take a look at Geovey, a new tool to give residents, visitors and businesses the opportunity to have their say on improvements and facilities in their area.

Also look out for Govmetric machines in our face to face centres, respond to council surveys if you receive them or supply feedback via website icon surveys.

Sign-up for micro-volunteering

Give your time in bite sized chunks from your own home, on demand and on your own terms, meaning that you can choose causes that interest you and all the benefits of traditional volunteering, but fitting into your own schedule

Sign up to CitizensAID app

Download the CitizensAID app, a helpful tool that provides guidance for a range of different public emergency situations, so help people know what they can do until the emergency services arrive.

Report it!

Report it! Let the council know when there’s something wrong that needs sorting out. Often, the earlier the council finds out about something, the easier it is for them to do something about it.

Download Circle: the free London safety app

Download and start using Circle, a free app for helping to stay safe and connected to your nearest and dearest in and around the city. Simply check-in with friends at the touch of a button, letting them know you’re okay or that you need a little help.

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