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Moving traffic penalty charge notices

If you receive a moving traffic penalty charge notice (PCN) because you were filmed making a  banned driving manoeuvre by one of our CCTV cameras, we’ll send you a penalty notice.

An image and video of the contravention taken by CCTV camera will be available as evidence.

The moving traffic penalty notice will state:

  • the contravention we captured on CCTV
  • the amount of the penalty charge
  • the charge for paying within the time allowed, and for late payment
  • how to pay
  • how to appeal

Drivers will have to pay the penalty charge within 28 days, and will be able to pay online, by telephone, by post or in person. If paying within 14 days, that charge will be reduced to 50%.

Appealing against a moving traffic penalty charge notice (PCN)

Our CCTV camera will be capturing offences, and drivers will be able to access video evidence of their offence. However, if anyone believes they have a good reason not to pay this charge, they’ll be able to write to us explaining why.

Legal reasons for appealing will include:

  • I was not the vehicle owner at the time
  • My vehicle is currently reported as stolen
  • I hired the vehicle out and the driver has accepted responsibility
  • There was no contravention of an order or failure to comply with a sign

Moving traffic PCNs & appeals

Step 1: You will be notified of the moving traffic contravention PCN through the post. You may either pay the PCN or make representations within 28 days – a discount is available for the first 14 days. If neither option is taken, the penalty charge increases by 50 per cent and a Charge Certificate would be issued.

Step 2: If your formal challenge is successful, we will send you a Notice of Acceptance letter and cancel the PCN (or reissue to a new owner). No further action will be required on your part. If your formal challenge is unsuccessful, we will send you a Notice of Rejection letter plus an appeal form which you can use to make an appeal to the independent Environment and Traffic Adjudicators. We will include a unique code allowing you to submit your appeal online.

Step 3: You can either pay the charge or make an appeal to the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators. You’ll be able to opt for either a postal or personal hearing. We aim to provide you with copies of our evidence at least three days prior to the hearing date.

Step 4: If your appeal is allowed by the adjudicator, we will be directed to cancel the PCN and no charge will apply. If your appeal is refused by the adjudicator, you will be given another 28 days from the date of the decision to pay the PCN before any further increase. The charge due will normally be the full, not the reduced, penalty. The adjudicator’s decision is legally binding on both parties.

Pay, enquire about or appeal your moving traffic penalty

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