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Planned road and pavement improvements 2018

We maintain around 750km of carriageways and footways. The Council is carrying out a programme of investment called the Network Recovery Programme (NRP) and has allocated £50 million for maintenance of roads and pavements between 2015 and 2020, as we know a well maintained highways network is a top priority for residents.

Road and pavement works: November 2018


There are currently 8 pavement schemes in progress/due to begin across the borough within this month.

Road Name


Start Date

Expected Finish

Sherrards Way




Beaufont Drive

Garden Suburb

28/08/18 02/11/18

Linthorpe Road

East Barnet



Clitterhouse Road

Golders Green



Granville Road




Dorchester Gardens

Garden Suburb



Dunstan Road

Childs Hill 08/10/18 01/02/18

Langham Road

Burnt Oak 22/10/18 14/12/18

Cheyne  Walk

Hendon 12/11/18 22/02/18

Alexandra Road

Coppetts 26/11/18 01/03/19

Highcroft Gardens

Golders Green 26/11/18 08/02/19


Advanced warning signs, temporary barriers and notices will be distributed during the days leading up to the works to remind you of expected work times.

As works progress along the length of pavement, we ask you to:

  • make note of their approach to your property frontage and ensure your vehicle is parked elsewhere before they arrive
  • park your vehicle elsewhere on the day before works begin, so we can have full access to the pavement to carry out the works

Contractors are happy to answer any questions and help inform you of their progress as best possible.

Please bear with us while the works take place. We will do everything we can to minimise disruption and thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Carriageway Resurfacing

Carriageway Maintenance works are scheuled to take place on 16 November (planned night works) on Prince Charles Drive, junction with Etheridge Road.

Road works

To view live information on these road works please visit TfL's London Works page where you can search your street for information on our works as well as any utility works.

At times, the programme will suffer delays or changes. We will try to inform you of these changes by letter. If you have any questions, please contact the Highways Correspondence team who can help you.

*Please use the ward directory if you're unsure which ward you're looking for.

To find out about major roadworks to motorways and trunk roads in your area, use TfL's London's register of roadworks. Type in the postcode to see what's happening in your area.

How we choose which road/footway to fix

The list of roads to be treated during the 2018/19 financial year was compiled by identifying roads that are at the early stages of deterioration. The proposed treatment will seal any carriageway cracks and prevent further damage. The list of footways for inclusion in the Year 4 programme was compiled through a prioritisation process that considers professional condition assessments.

Please note: We don't allow you to drive over a footway or verge unless a vehicle crossover (dropped kerb) has been constructed. Find out how to make an application for a crossover to be built.

How we contact you about works on your road

We will write to all affected residents, businesses, schools and facilities to inform them of upcoming works. Advanced warning signs and temporary barriers will also be erected and notices distributed during the days leading up to the works to remind you of expected work times.

Timeline of communications for pavement works:


Timeline of communications for road works:

When road works are planned we will contact all affected residents, businesses, schools and facilities using the following timelines:

How long do works take?

For road works, the majority of cases will be completed in 1-2 working days.

For footway works it is more difficult to estimate. By nature, works to pavements are labour intensive and in order to reduce disruption short sections are undertaken at a time. Works to a length of the street can last from 6-12 weeks.


There are a number of reasons that can cause delays to programmed works. Some of the treatment types that we use are weather dependant and a change to the the start date may be unforeseeable. If a delayed start is required, you will receive a letter shortly to inform you of a revised work start.

For any further enquiries please contact the highways correspondence team using the contact details below. 

How to get in touch with someone about the works

The Highways Correspondence team is available to answer your enquiries Mon - Thur 9am - 5:15pm, Fri 9am - 5pm. They can be reached by telephone on 020 8359 3555 or by emailing your enquiry to HighwaysCorrespondence@barnet.gov.uk . For information about the programme of work and to check on the status of planned works in your ward, please check the ward links above.

The contractors on site are always happy to help and will accommodate your needs as much as possible.

'Lift and shift' of vehicles

When works are taking place, full access to pavements and roads is needed. For this reason, residents and road users will be informed of planned start times and when there will be restrictions for road use and for parking. Residents will receive a letter, the road will have notices and cars will be leafleted in order to target all potential road users. There may be some  occasions when some road users will not receive or have sight of these communications and in these cases a lift and shift vehicle to move the cars that remain in the locations in order to complete the works is required.

Lift and shift will not incur a charge to residents but we encourage residents to move their own vehicles.

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