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Parks and open spaces

  • Parks, sport and leisure

There's a park within one mile of most homes in Barnet.

Open and close times

Where applicable, the parks are opened by 8am and closed at various times depending on the season.

Closing times vary and can be as early as 4.30pm in winter and as late as 10pm in the summer. Some Barnet parks are locked overnight.

Parks and open spaces features

Adopt A Place

If you want to maintain a feature in a park or a local green space why not ‘adopt a place’?

The scheme provides groups with support, materials and tools to undertake gardening or maintenance activities. You could build new skills and brighten up your local area.

Go to Adopt A Place to find out more or email pledgebank@barnet.gov.uk with your idea.

Help keep Barnet parks tidy

To maximise everyone’s enjoyment of our parks, be considerate on your visit and:

  • place your litter in the bins provided or take it home. Littering is unsightly and can cause harm to plants, birds and animals
  • clean up after your dog. Dog faeces, apart from smelling unpleasant, can carry a disease called toxocariasis, which can cause blindness in humans
  • keep your dog under control and on a lead in designated areas
  • be considerate of fellow park users. Anti-social behaviour is an offence
  • follow the countryside code. The code has been compiled to promote the preservation of England’s countryside

If you see a problem in a park you can report it using the Report a problem form.

Consultation on our Parks and Open Spaces draft strategy

We want to ensure that parks and open spaces meet the needs of Barnet residents now and in the future.  The draft Parks and Open Spaces strategy makes proposals for the development and management of parks and open spaces in Barnet.

The parks and open spaces consultation is now closed and we are currently analysing the results. 

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