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Locally listed buildings

Locally listed buildings have been identified as positive elements within the local environment.

They are of historic or architectural merit but do not benefit from the same protection as statutory listed buildings.

They are however protected locally by planning policy. Designation is about recognising what gives the building its special interest and then managing its future. Good management of locally listed buildings can lead to better neighbourhoods, so the council will seek to ensure that their special character is protected and enhanced.

Selection criteria

The council's selection criteria for local listing are broadly based upon those for statutory listing but with additional local considerations, such as the contribution made to the local environment and townscape. Buildings included in the list have been proposed by national amenity societies, local history and conservation societies and private individuals. Each addition has been assessed against the committee agreed criteria.

Additional information

Barnet Council's listing of Schedule of Buildings of Local Architectural or Historic Interest 

Historic England provide a good practice guide for local heritage listing which explains why and how buildings are selected.

Find out more about local listing from Historic England. 


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