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Selection criteria for locally listed buildings

This schedule is a listing of buildings of local interest (PDF) which significantly contribute to the Borough’s heritage and character.

It is produced by the Local Planning Authority in accordance with guidance provided by Historic England.

It supplements the statutory list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest (PDF) which is comprised of buildings of national importance.

The two lists therefore provide a comprehensive inventory of the Borough’s historic building fabric. 

Buildings included in the Statutory List benefit from a statutory protection beyond that of normal planning control. Buildings included in this schedule do not.

However, in exercising planning control, it is the Local Planning Authority’s intention to preserve and enhance these historic buildings wherever possible.

To this end the Council has adopted policies targeted at such buildings in its Local Plan which was adopted in September 2012.

Buildings included in the List have been proposed by the  London Borough of Barnet, local history and conservation societies and private individuals.

Criteria for local listing

It is updated and amended continually, each addition being assessed against the following Committee agreed criteria:-

Heritage assets should be of architectural or historical interest, or both. 

They should then fit into one or more of the following General Principles of Selection: 

• Age and rarity

• Aesthetic merits

• Landmark qualities

• Intactness (state of originality)

• Group value

• Social and communal value

It is hoped that the local listing will afford a better appreciation of the quality of individual buildings of local interest within the Borough and stimulate a more general appreciation of the Borough’s heritage.


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