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Planning committees: request to speak

The Council’s Constitution currently permits two public speakers (plus the applicant or their agent) per application. If there are two speakers or less, you will not receive any further notification about speaking at the meeting and your request to speak has been accepted.

If there are more than two requests to speak, the Governance Service will contact everyone who has submitted a request to speak, to request that the prospective speakers agree amongst themselves who will address the committee.  Your email details will then be shared with others that have requested to speak.

Please note that if you only provide a physical address, there is no guarantee that this information can be shared with you before the meeting.

Please note that Applicants or their agents do not have to register to speak and just need to make themselves known to the Chairman at the meeting.


  • If speakers are registered both objecting and in support of an application, the two speaker slots are allocated as one speaker objecting and one in support.
  • If there are just objectors that have registered to speak, then the two speaker slots will be allocated to objectors.
  • If there are just supporters registered to speak, then two speaker slots will be registered to supporters.
  • All speakers will have up to three minutes to speak. Three minute slots are exclusively reserved for one speaker and cannot be split.
  • The deadline for registering to speak is 10am, three working days prior to the meeting.
  • Requests to speak must relate to an item on the published agenda, which will be published 5 clear working days before the meeting.
  • Your details will be handled in a strictly confidential manner.

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