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Supplementary Planning Documents

  • Planning, conservation and building control

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are used to provide further detail and guidance on the implementation of policies and proposals contained in the existing Barnet Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and future Development Plan Documents.

SPDs are non-statutory documents which are not subject to an independent examination and do not have Development Plan status. However, they are subject to a thorough process of public consultation, in accordance with the council's Statement of Community Involvement, and must also be consistent with national and regional planning policies.

While SPDs are not statutory documents, they are material considerations when assessing planning applications. The key preparation stages of a Supplementary Planning Document include:

Evidence Gathering

Includes gathering relevant information and the production of evidence studies and an informal consultation stage may be used to assist this process.

Draft Supplementary Planning Document

Involves the drafting of a document which has been informed by evidence gathering and identification of key issues (from informal consultation) and is then available for public consultation for a 4 - 6 week period.

Adopted Supplementary Planning Document

Following public consultation, the draft SPD may be amended to take into account issues raised before being adopted by the council.

Within Barnet the following SPDs have been developed to help clarify what the council expects developments to provide and protect:


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