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Green Infrastructure (October 2017)

This Green Infrastructure Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) identifies for protection and enhancement a connected network of green and blue (water) open spaces within Barnet. The SPD sits beneath and implements Barnet’s Local Plan policies, setting out borough-wide requirements and best practice planning guidance. It will be used as a material consideration and help inform decision making by the planning service and planning committees.

The SPD provides a clear vision for delivering a range of benefits including:-

  • enhancing the physical, social and mental health of residents;
  • making Barnet a better place to live, work, invest, learn and play;
  • joining communities together by creating new green links between different parts of the Borough;
  • preparing for the impacts of climate change by controlling flooding, reducing pollution and moderating temperatures; and
  • protecting and enhancing the Borough’s trees and their contribution to cultural and natural heritage.

The SPD provides an understanding of the features and benefits of the Borough’s existing green infrastructure network. Focussing on the benefits that green infrastructure can bring, the SPD articulates the vision for delivery of the Council’s aspirations. Outlining the capacity of green infrastructure to deliver the range of benefits, it explains how these can be promoted and delivered through the Council’s existing policies and processes.

Expanding on the policy approach set out in the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies (DMP) Development Plan Documents (DPD) and the London Plan, the SPD:

  • Explains how green infrastructure should be a guiding principle for the design of new development, and in planning for sustainable development, through policy at all levels.
  • Covers the multi-functional and wider sub-regional context of Barnet’s green infrastructure.  
  • Highlights the economic appraisal (Corporate Natural Capital Accounting) that the Council is developing to assess the value of the economic, social and environmental benefits derived from green infrastructure assets. 
  • Addresses the need for a long term strategic investment framework and mechanisms for delivery - setting out issues and opportunities for future management, funding, creation and enhancement of green infrastructure assets. 
  • Raises green infrastructure related issues likely to be addressed through policies the review of the Local Plan, an initial consultation draft of which is expected in Autumn 2018.

The SPD refers to the Barnet Tree Policy which has now been published and is available here.

Consultation and adoption

The Green Infrastructure SPD was subject to six weeks consultation during July and August 2017. The Consultation Statement describes how this was conducted and the Council's responses to the comments received.

In accordance with Regulations 11 and 14 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, notice is hereby given that Barnet Council adopted the Green Infrastructure SPD at the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee meeting on 10 October 2017. 


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