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CIL Processes

  • Planning, conservation and building control

CIL Process

The amount of the CIL for each development will be notified in a Liability Notice provided by the council when the Planning Permission is first permitted, this will be before the Commencement of Development. 

Payment will be required to be made in accordance with a strict timetable. There are very strong penalties for non-compliance.

On the day planning permission first permits the chargeable development, this legal charge upon your site will be recorded to the register of local land charges in the event you commence development. 

A 'Liability Notice' will be issued that will provide full details of the charge and whom it has been apportioned for payment. If you wish to identify named parties other than the applicant for this permission as the liable party for paying this levy, please submit to the council an 'Assumption of Liability' notice, this is also available from the planning portal website.

The Community Infrastructure levy becomes payable upon commencement of development. You are required to submit a 'Notice of Commencement' to the Council's ClL Team prior to commencing on site, and failure to provide such information at the due date will incur both surcharges and penalty interest. Other charges and surcharges may apply if you fail to meet statutory requirements, such requirements will all be set out in the Liability Notice you will receive.  

If Affordable Housing Relief or Charitable Relief applies to your development then this may reduce the final amount you are required to pay; such relief must be applied for prior to commencement of development using the 'Claiming Exemption or Relief' form available from the Planning Portal website: www.planningportal.gov.uk/cil.

The Mayoral CIL is for the purpose of funding Crossrail. The Council will only act as a 'collecting authority on behalf of a charging authority [The Mayor of London]'. This distinction between Mayoral CIL and the Local CIL means that it will be treated wholly separately from each other. Developers will be required to adhere to the obligations and be liable for each CIL independently. 

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