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National Smile Month: 15 May to 15 June

National Smile month is about promoting and raising awareness of the three key messages in helping to develop and maintain good oral health.

1.  Tooth brushing
Brush your teeth last thing at night and on one other occasion with the correct fluoride toothpaste.
•    1,000ppm (parts per million) under 3 years
•    1,350ppm (parts per million) 3  years plus

2.  Diet
Cut down on frequency of sugary foods and drinks as these should be kept to mealtimes

3.  Dental visits
Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.

There is no need to register with a dentist in the same way as with a GP because you are not bound to a catchment area. Simply find a dental practice that's convenient for you.

The Barnet oral health promotion team will be attending schools, children’s centres and The North London Business Park to promote National Smile Month. Resources and information will be provided to support the key messages above. For more information please email Rachael.crosbie@clch.nhs.uk or

Childhood immunisation

Immunisation is the most effective method of preventing certain diseases to protect and maintain the health of the local population. Vaccination and immunisation services exist to ensure the safe and effective delivery of all vaccine programmes. Barnet public health team is working closely with Public Health England, NHS England and other key partners to take a coordinated approach to increase immunisation rates across the borough.

MMR Vaccine

The MMR vaccine, available to all those born from 1970 onwards, provides protection against measles, mumps and rubella over two doses of single injections. Measles, mumps and rubella are highly infectious conditions that can have serious and potentially fatal complications. This leaflet contains more information about the importance of the MMR vaccine.

Public Health England data from October to December 2016 suggests that only 81.3% of eligible children in Barnet have received two doses of MMR vaccine on or after their first birthday and at any time up to their 5th birthday. It is important that all children receive this vaccination. If you or your child have never previously had the MMR vaccine you should contact your GP to arrange to catch up with the outstanding doses.

Born or brought up abroad?

Different countries offer different immunisations and not all use the combined MMR vaccine. If you were born or brought up abroad you may have had only one dose or may not have had the cominded vaccine. Discuss this with your GP to ensure that you and your child are protected against all three conditions.

Childhood Immunisation schedule

Routine vaccines are offered free on the NHS according to an immunisation schedule. For maximum safety and protection against disease it is important to try to ensure that children receive vaccines at the appropriate ages. If you are not sure whether your child has had all of their routine vaccinations speak to your GP or practice nurse. If your child has missed a vaccine, it may be possible for them to receive it later in life.

Weight management and obesity


London has more overweight and obese children than any other global city.

The Great Weight Debate survey has now closed. Here is a report of the findings.


0-18 years Healthy Weight Care Pathway

An interactive care pathway displaying the health and wellbeing services that are available to support children in Barnet to reach and maintain a healthy weight. When the document is opened, please zoom in to view the full pathway.

Referrals to the majority of services can be made by all professionals, parents or via self referrals.  Click on the apple icon within the pathway to find out more information about each service. Contact Chimeme.Egbutah@harrow.gov.uk for more information.

Alive 'N' Kicking

Free family-based intervention for children aged 4 - 12 years who have been measured as overweight or obese, during the National Child Measurement Programme. The child, parents/guardians, and possibly siblings attend group sessions for 12 weeks. Each session consists of an interactive nutrition and physical activity workshop, with an emphasis on encouraging the children to participate in fun games and activities as well as raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices. Contact: barnet@ank.uk.com, 0208 102 0530 or visit website www.ank.uk.com.

Alive 'N' Kicking will accept referrals from:

  • Primary care, all healthcare professionals and relevant stakeholders
  • Self-referrals from eligible local families (child would be assessed at first visit and BMI taken)
  • Make onward referrals to other relevant health and social care services where appropriate

School Time Obesity Prevention (STOP)

A free 6 or 12 week school-based intervention programme to raise awareness of healthy eating and physical activity. It allows children aged 7 to 10 to explore how they can positively impact their lives through food and activity choices.  Each week, a STOP practitioner delivers a session to a classroom of children and alternates teaching between nutritional workshops and physical activity sessions.The STOP programme can help to contribute to Healthy School London Silver award. To book a meeting or for more information, please call 0208 102 0530, email barnet@ANK.uk.com, visit www.ank.uk.com or get the STOP leaflet.

Healthy weight nurses

For children who may be very obese or have more complex needs, where families may benefit more from 1-to-1 support, there's a small team of school nurses working as Healthy Weight Nurses. To get a referral, contact CLCHT.AdminHWNSTeam@nhs.net or call 0208 205 6204.

Healthy living children’s centres

The children’s centres deliver healthy living services across Barnet.

These children's centres offer a range of sessions, advice, and workshops, to get involved in ensuring all children in Barnet get the best start in life. Cooking groups teach parents how to make nutritious meals for the whole family and inform them about healthier cooking practices.

Cost: Free, but you would need to be registered at a children centre. Find out more on what's on offer by contacting the children’s centre you're interested in attending.

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding support gives mothers with support and breast feeding information through friendly and welcoming breastfeeding drop-in groups at children’s centres and community centres in Barnet. Mothers can see a breastfeeding peer supporter and meet other mums and babies.

No appointment necessary. Babies and children of any age are welcome.

Find where your nearest breastfeeding support group in Barnet is located.

We can offer home visits to mums who find it hard to get to a group in the early days.

Cost: Free to attend

Apply: Call 07815717055 (between 9am to 5pm), email CLCHT at breastfeedingsupport@nhs.net to find your nearest group or contact a local children’s centre to find out when groups are running there.

For further help, you can also the National Breastfeeding Helpline on: 0300 100 0210 (between 9.30am to 9pm)

Would you like to become a peer support volunteer? Please see the poster for more information.

Health visiting and family nurse partnership

Experts work in a range of locations in the community including people’s homes, children’s centres, health centres and schools, in a number of areas:

  • New birth visits, including advice on feeding, weaning and dental health
  • Physical and developmental checks
  • General parenting support
  • Advice on family health and minor illnesses
  • Specific support on subjects such as post natal depression
  • Deliver immunisation and national screening programmes
  • Support children and during the transition to school

Health visiting

Trained and qualified nursing staff help parents learn and develop the skills required to bring up their children so as to give them the best possible start in life. Promote the health and wellbeing of children between the antenatal period and the child’s 5th year of age. May also offer targeted support from time to time.

Family nurse partnership

Designed to support first time parents under the age of 20. Aimed at families who require extra support. The service is based at Grahame Park Health Centre, Graham Park Estate, London NW9 5XT

Fees: Both are free of charge

Apply: GPs can refer mothers and their children to either service.  Referrals can be made via midwives and hospital maternity services.  In addition to these, for Family Nurse Partnership, social workers may also refer. People who have moved into the area recently are able to self refer to the health visiting service.

For the Health Visiting service contact 0208 447 3537 or email Angela.Cody@clclh.nhs.uk. For the Family Nurse Partnership contact 0208 447 3537 or email Donna Thornley donna.thornley@clch.nhs.uk.

Oral health

We provide advice to parents around dental health for children through oral health workshops in children centres and primary schools. This includes:

  • Brushing for Life programme in children’s centres and health centres where information packs are given to families
  • A supervised tooth brushing programme in targeted primary schools by an oral health coordinator who works with families to reinforce oral health messages.

Fees: Free

Apply: Information on oral health activities, please contact the oral health coordinators: fiona.flynn@clch.nhs.uk  or rachael.crosbie@clch.nhs.uk or to find out about other oral health work being implemented, get in touch with Public Health on: publichealth@harrow.gov.uk 


Healthy Schools London

Healthy Schools London is an awards programme which recognises schools achievement in supporting pupil health and wellbeing. Schools in Barnet have been applying for the scheme since September 2013 and any school can apply.

We encourage all Barnet schools to participate in the Health Schools London scheme. Schools who participate in health based programmes can improve attainment, increase attendance and improve pupil confidence & concentration as well as improving health and wellbeing.

To see which schools are registered or have achieved an award, look at the map of London Healthy Schools.

Fees: No charge for schools.

Apply: Get in touch with Health Education Partnership who provide free support to schools to assist them in achieving the Healthy Schools London (HSL) Awards. Contact Anna Brennan-Craddock:  anna.brennan-craddock@healtheducationpartnership.com or visit Healthy Schools London.

School nursing

School nurses have two main roles:

  • Give confidential advice, care and treatment to children and young people and their parents/carers
  • Look after and protect a child/young person’s physical and emotional health

The service is for children and young people between 4 to 19 yeas of age who attend schools in Barnet.

Fees: No charge

Apply: Children and young people can be referred by their teachers, parents and by their healthcare professionals. Children and young people can also self-refer to the service. Contact 0208 447 3537 or email Angela.Cody@clclh.nhs.uk.

Last updated May 2017

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